The only producer of graphite electrode in Iran located at Lorestan Province, Doroud City with approximate area of 60,000 m2.
PATAF Company with more than 20 years of experience in field of production is now one of the greatest suppliers of graphite products in Iran with annual production capacity of 5000. Developing quality coefficient of products was always one of the main criteria of this company. Accordingly, this company had employed specialized machineries and knowledge of expert personnel in all levels of production including recognition and supply of appropriate raw materials, controlling the quality of products in different productions stages, packaging and final confirmation of products in order to supply products in accordance with international standards. As the company is directly imports its required raw materials, it can highly compete with other companies specifically in case of products’ price.
Our products are mostly employed in steel producing companies, electrical arc and induction furnace and other similar industries. We are honored to export part of our products to Central and South Asian countries.


Recycle of graphite electrodes is the other service of pataf company.
This company is recycling used electrodes and changing them to graphite electrode, piece and powder in best probable method on the basis of related order and with lowest price.


Manufacture Of Graphite Electrode


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